Conferences already?!

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They always sneak up on me!  I know they’re on “the calendar,” but I always forget (or block out) how much time and paperwork go into each one.
I wish I had more to share, but I MUST get ready for this upcoming week.  We get out early tomorrow and Tuesday so parents and teachers can meet.  The majority of my conferences are tomorrow from 1:00-7:00.
I do have a tip that always helps the conference run smoothly:
Create a checklist/notes page for each student.  
I have a generic template for things I want to cover with the parents, but I write personal notes about each child after printing it out.
This includes:
– reading/writing levels
– SuccessMaker scores
– testing data (CogAT/ITBS scores)
– strengths and weakness (COMPLIMENT SANDWICH!)
– behavior issues/possible solutions (if needed)

Here’s a snapshot of the checklist:

Click the pic to download it for yourself and change it to fit your needs.  :)
I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and has a great week ahead of them!  Do you have early release days for parent conferences?


  1. They always sneak up on me too! My long day is Tuesday, but only til 6. 7 is an awfully long day!!
    ideas by jivey

  2. We have student led conferences coming up in march. I teach firsties so it'll be interesting to see how they lead the show!


  3. Thank you!

  4. It is, Jessica! But I get to home at 1:00 on Tuesday (since I chose to have most of mine on Monday). :)

  5. That sounds fun! I'm sure they will do well!!!

  6. You're welcome! :)

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