Woohoo!!! 100th Day Pics!!!

The 100th day of school never gets old to me!
We had a fiesta to celebrate!
The kids had a blast!  The activities were perfect for our curriculum and the kids loved them.
When is your 100th day?!
What do you have planned?!


  1. Cute Fiesta for 100!

  2. That is such a great idea! I bet your students had an amazing time. Our 100th day isn't until February- we started in September!

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  3. Our 100th Day is February 1st. I'm thinking your 100th day packet looks pretty good – I still have a week to decide what to do, though :) What did you do for the fiesta? Anything besides the chips and salsa?

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  4. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Maria! Your 100th day will be here in no time! :)

  6. Hi Rebecca! We didn't do anything extra besides the chips and salsa. I didn't want to deviate too much from our normal day/schedule. We did the math activities during Math, completed a SS activity (Eleanor Roosevelt timeline), and then completed the Rdg/LA activities during our Rdg block.

  7. Our 100th Day is February 4th. I'm like you…I like them to have a little fun without getting too far off the schedule.I have some activities that all deal with 100. I let them work in groups. Thanks for sharing your neat pack! I really like it!
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  8. What a cute way to celebrate! I'll bet your students loved it. The only teacher I work with that celebrated our 100th day was my Kdg. teacher. All of the kids brought in projects made with 100 objects, we made trail mix with 100 pieces of food (items like pretzels, cereal, etc.), counted to 100 throughout the day, and followed directions to color a "100" on a hundreds chart.
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