Motivation Monday: A Mother’s Love

My mom is an amazing person.  
Strong, caring, loving. 
She bought my kids tons of cute little things:  fun hair accessories for the girls, toy cars for the boys, and awesome notepads for everyone!  My kids were SO happy (and slightly shocked) to get all of these gifts.  They couldn’t believe that someone who didn’t even know them cared that much about them.
Love.  That’s what that is.  It was a great lesson in caring, thoughtfulness, and selflessness.
To show their appreciation, they made my mom this poster.
I love my mom and can’t express my gratitude for her.
Mom, if you read this…
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!


  1. Hi D! Love you and miss you!
    xoxo Eve!

  2. What a wonderful post! Hope my son talks about me that way someday!
    Leading and Reading

  3. That was so sweet to read! Just puts a smile on your face!

    Learning in the Little Apple

  4. Aww, E-V-E!!! Love and miss YOU!!!

  5. Aww, Stacy! I'm sure he will! :)

  6. Thanks, Jane!

  7. How sweet, and what a great lesson for them to learn!

  8. That was so sweet of your mom! What was the occasion? Just out of love? Whatever it was, that was really wonderful.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  9. I know, right?!

  10. Hi Maria! There wasn't a special occasion, just love. :)

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