Black History Month Pack – UDPATED!

While we’re all getting geared up for the busy yet short month of February, I was updating one of my largest packs:
I went back and added info pages for each person.  I also added answer keys for the fact webs and the timelines.  And I must say, I spent the majority of my weekend and Monday night working on this thing.  And it wasn’t spent adding the new stuff.  :(  It was all spent converting the file over from Word to PPT.
***If you have previously purchased this product, please go back in and download the updated version (on your purchases page).  There’s no charge for that and it’s totally worth getting the latest version!!!***
So if you want the secret of the century:
I wish I would’ve known this a year ago.  :)


  1. You put in a lot of hard work on that pack! I love using PPT to make products. I want to know another secret- how do you convert from word to ppt? I've tried to do it but can't seem to figure it out!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. Thanks, Maria. I did! And yes, PPT is my go-to program for creating stuff. About converting – you can't. You have to copy and paste each object (some may group, but others don't). Then you have to change the font and spacing…I swear it almost drove me nuts! But PPT has a much cleaner, nicer look!

  3. Ok, thanks for the tip. You saved me a lot of time trying to figure it out in the future! And thanks for following! You were one of the first blogs I ever found and I use so many of your products in my classes!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. New follower and can't wait to scan your site!

    Question: Why is PPT better than Word? I rather have them in Word because you can edit those but you can't PPT. Often I find things that I want to do with my kids but can't because I can't change the wording.

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