Thanksgiving Arrays – FREEBIE!

Happy Election Day!!!  
I hope you’ve gone to your local polling place and cast your vote!
I did!
Now for the Thanksgiving Arrays FREEBIE!
This is a 12-page pack of black and white images that your kids can use to create arrays.  And to be honest, you can use them for just about anything.  Area, addition/subtraction, division…the list could go on and on.
Click the picture below to snag it for free!


  1. HI Dana…thanks for the freebie! I teach 3rd and we are working on multiplication and division so this freebie is perfect!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  2. Thank you! This will be perfect for my class!

  3. Yay, Gina! SO glad you can use it!

  4. You're welcome! :)

  5. Oh, goodness! After I saw your Halloween arrays, I HAD to do Thanksgiving ones (we were past Halloween). So I bought the clip art and made these exact arrays. The kids are doing them right now! Love them :)

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