PBIS – Talkin’ About Behavior

Our school started a new behavior system this year called PBIS.  It’s a positive behavior program where students earn tickets for good behavior.  These tickets can then be used to “purchase” rewards such as ice cream, extra recess, or lunch with a teacher/administrator. 

This week’s focus is PE.  Each day we discuss ways to be respectful, responsible, and role models.  Here’s the chart we came up today:

I love the tennis shoe one.  :)  Our students know that PE is always the day after they have Science specials.  They have to remember to wear tennis shoes or else they can’t participate.  And we all know, PE is WAY too much fun not to participate!
Does your school use PBIS (or a similar system)? 
If not, what kind of behavior management do you use?
Do you go over behaviors and expectations for different areas of the school?


  1. We have used PBIS for last 5+ years at our school. When we first began the program we had lesson plans to follow to teach the kids the rules at each area of the school. A few years later a teacher filmed her students in each area of the school showing the right behavior and the wrong behavior. Now we just review rules at each area of the school during the first few weeks of school. We also have rules posted at each of the area of the school.

  2. We use PBIS and I think it has made a HUGE difference in our school. It is definitely a more positive place and all the teachers use the same "language." I definitely think it has made me a better teacher.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. We are a PBIS school too! I like the school-wide agreement on rules; it's very helpful that everyone is on the same page. We give Golden Tickets when we catch kids following matrix procedures. I think it really works, since everything is consistent and doesn't change much year-to-year.

  4. We are a Responsive Classroom school. Much different than the PBIS system, but my kids respond really well to it. Even in Kindergarten last year! I was amazed that I could get 5 year olds to do things and behave without any sort of reward. I know the program probably isn't for everyone, but I really love it and it helps that our whole school uses it!

  5. My school does PBIS. We really have a much more consistent school environment. It also helps when there are subs, since each teacher is pretty much the same. We have whole class rewards, called Wildcats, where the class can earn enough to get a movie party, or electronics party. Then we have individual tickets, called Pawprints. (Funny story, the first year we called them "mini-paws." Changed it because it sounded too much like a middle age women's crisis!) Each teacher decides how they want to use the pawprints. I have kids put them in a jar and pull names for all kinds of things, like sitting by a friend for the day or a new pencil, or even drawing on the SMARTboard during indoor recess.
    You have a Science special? How often do the kids have science? Is there one teacher for only science in all grades of your building? Very interesting.

  6. Hi Emily! Classroom teachers teach Science, but we also have a Science special (just like PE, Music, Art, Technology, etc.). We also have Math and Literacy specials as well. Classes go to a different special each day (so we're on a 7-day rotation).

  7. Same at our school!

  8. Aww, Sara! That's awesome to hear!

  9. Yes! The consistency is HUGE!

  10. And Whitney, that's the key – complete buy in!

  11. That sounds very unique. We don't have anything like that in area. -Emily

  12. Our school has done PBIS for the past 7 years. I really like the consistency of behaviour expectations and the 'language' used regarding behaviour. We give out SHARP tickets (Safe, Helpful, Accountable, Respectful, Positive)and then draw monthly for book prizes. It has been a very effective and well received program but we have a few teachers this year that are concerned about the 'fairness' of giving out tickets…some teachers give LOTS of tickets, while others don't. LOL I was very bad with giving out the tickets but have devised a system that I incorporated with my behaviour clip chart that ensures those students who display appropriate behaviour also receive SHARP tickets to recognize their efforts. This makes me AND my students happy. :)

  13. We are in our 3rd year of PBIS and we have seen a big difference in our kids behavior. We give out tickets and then when they get their "license" full they get a reward which changes each month. We also have done a full school reward before winter break, middle of Feb. or March and then at the end of the year. This year we are doing a big Elf on the Shelf celebration with them so I am excited to get it going. Hope it works for you.

  14. We have just started using PBIS, how did your schools implement a common language? I feel we are lacking in this area. Any help would be great.

  15. Thanks, Megan! Glad it's working for y'all too!

  16. The kids love it! And it provides extra support for what the classroom teacher is covering!

  17. Monica, I understand about forgetting to give out tickets. You don't mean to, but you can get SO busy! Glad things are working out for you and your kids!

  18. Liz, we have posters EVERYWHERE! Depending on where the poster is (bathroom, hallway, cafeteria), it lists ways to show the 3 R's (Respectful, Responsible, Role Model). Having this common language on the posters and spoken by all faculty, it really drives the point home. The kids have even started talking to each other in this language. "You're not being a good role model right now." LOL! :)

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