How-to/Informational Writing

This week we’ve been focusing on “how-to” and “informational” writing.  We started Monday by telling someone how to play a game.  I chose War.  After writing it all down, my kids were amazed!

Tuesday we discussed how to make a certain food or drink (like chocolate milk…nothing crazy!)  I chose my favorite home recipe “Spicy Sausage Pepper Stew!”  The kids were frantically copying down the recipe, begging me to bring some in.  I told it’s just a tad too hot for their little tummies!

Wednesday we worked on informational stories about individuals.  I reminded them about our historical figure books that tell so many interesting facts about individuals.  Then I modeled a story about my husband.

There was such a cute moment afterward…the kids started interviewing each other and filling in their webs with facts about their classmates!  Oh, the joy of that moment cannot be expressed!  They were SO pumped!

I hope writing is going well in your classroom and with your students!  What is your focus this week during writing?!


  1. I love this lesson, Dana! Your charts are so organized–they must be extremely helpful to your students.

    We're starting nonfiction writing soon (yay!!)

  2. These are GREAT! It's a little different down in first grade but I love seeing your charts. I love your ideas for connecting to your students! 😉
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. @ Kristen – thanks! I'm a little obsessive… :) Hope your kids love nonfiction as much as mine are!

    @ Kristin – thanks! I completely understand what you mean! I taught 1st for 6 years…it's a whole different ball game. :)

    Hope both of you have a great Friday!!!

  4. These are FABULOUS, Dana! PS: my husband's name is Dave too (not that is really coincidental, or exciting…sorry, lol!!). I love how excited you are that your gorgeous kiddos were so into it…just as it should be, and I love how you engaged your class in informative texts that were related to you!! Congrats to you on a job well done!! I have subbed for two Kinder classes this week at 2 separate schools…did the same independent writing activity with them both and am just stunned at the difference between the two!! One class was just fabulous and the other I could not read a single sentence that 17 / 19 students wrote… such a huge learning experience for me and a real eye-opener!! Happy weekend ahead to you, Dana and thanks for always inspiring me:) ~ x
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  5. Tina, I don't think this a coincidence! Teaching, blogging, sock monkeys, our Dave's… LOVE it! And wow, that's a huge difference b/t the two classes! I have noticed that since changing schools. No matter what, we kept pushing forward. I hope you have a fabulous Friday/weekend as well!!!

  6. We are in persuasive writing right now. We are using the yummy Oreo cookie to help us write. O=opinion, R=reason, E=explanation (or details), and O=opinion. Or next stop on the writing road (so to speak) is how to writing and I love your post I think it will come in very handy right after Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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