Throwback Thursday – Persuasive Writing Freebie (CCSS Aligned!)

I share TBT pics, but never thought about doing it for blog posts.
So today is my first “Throwback Thursday” on the blog!

throwback thursday on the blog pic

I shared this freebie on my pup’s birthday:

can i get a puppy writing freebie pic

My pup was the main inspiration for the activity, but this book played a role too:


Kids think pets are so much fun to have, but they often forget
the work and responsibility that comes along with it.

This activity can help you and the kids have a detailed conversation about:

-preparing your home for the pet
- keeping the pet clean/groomed
- feeding needs/schedule
- exercise/play time
- training

It will give them tons of great things to add to their persuasive writing!
You can download the freebie by clicking on the puppy picture above.
It’s also listed in both my TpT and TN shops.

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“Roll, Say, Play” Parts of Speech Freebies – Updated!

I’m excited to share some freebies that I’ve revamped!
They’re a must have for simple, quick, meaningful centers!

The first freebie covers adjectives and verbs:

Roll Say Play - Adjective or Verb

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The second freebie covers singular & plural nouns as well as pronouns:

roll say play nouns collage pic

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You can snag them for free from any of my shops!
Simply click on the pics above or the links below each one.


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