New Graphing Packs {May through August} – Added & On Sale!

Collecting data and creating bar graphs can be difficult for many of our kiddos.
So I created these monthly graphing packs to make it more fun, hands-on, and meaningful!  I finished the packs for May, June, July, and August yesterday and added them to my shops.

may space race graphing pack pic 2

june playful pirates graphing pack pic 2

July Summer Treats graphing pack pic 2

August Beach Blast graphing pack pic 2

They would be a great way to keep the kids engaged while finishing out the
school year.  :)  They’re also on sale (in all three shops) until the end of April!

graphing pack sale pic 2

graphing pack sale pic 3

Also, stay tuned for a BIG announcement…coming soon!  :)

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Motivation Monday – Amazing Opportunities

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Here’s the Motivation Monday pic quote for this week:

every day - opportunity for something amazing

Each morning presents a new day.  A fresh start.  A “do over” if necessary.
The hardest part can be leaving the issues from yesterday in the past.
One thing I’ve learned is that I can’t make room for the new, great
opportunities if I’m still hanging on to the negative things from the past.

I try my best to remember each morning when I wake up:
“Every day brings the opportunity for something amazing to happen.”
Amazing sounds a heck of a lot better than the alternative.

Have a great day and make amazing things happen!  :)

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Throwback Thursday – Persuasive Writing Freebie (CCSS Aligned!)

can i get a puppy writing freebie pic

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“Roll, Say, Play” Parts of Speech Freebies – Updated!

Roll Say Play - Adjective or Verb

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